Sit down and piss on double standards
— Glitter Moneyyy

Diamonds, sparkles, jewels, hoe

We break all the rules, hoe!

Glitter Moneyyy hits like a sonic glitter bomb

Taylor Dariarow and Ashley Renee Clopton are TayyySlayyy and Queen TrAshley of the Chicago-based Glitter Moneyyy. The femme rap duo formed in fall 2016, but it's already gained a sizable following of fans who seek out its iconic, theatrical live shows.

Glitter Moneyyy's Stirring Up The Party

Glitter Moneyyy's Tay Slayyy & Queen Trashley are stirring up the party with their brand of conscious music.

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A four-bill show at Schubas Tavern on Labor Day Eve felt like a giant, warm hug. Carefully curated by Chicago R&B headliner Hayley Jordanna ("Jordanna"), the lineup featured local, genre-bending acts-a one-of-a-kind Jordanna mixtape, if you will, of her favorite bands in the city.

Radiating Positivity, p a r t y i n g, and Why Art Can't Exist Outside of Politics: A Conversation with Glitter Moneyyy

Back in 2017, Scapi Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Chicago local Glitter Moneyyy, whose music has already been influential in the Chicago DIY scene, and whose album Twurk for the Nation had just released everywhere.

Glitter Moneyyy - Hip-Hop, Politics, and Comedy

Andrew Bailes spends a stormy evening catching up with Glitter Moneyyy; talking comedy, politics, and the patriarchy over PBRs.