Smoke Until You Die, bitch, but really don't die, bitch. 420 is life & death. This one is for the weed smokers. Free the people, free the people. Locked up dime bags, 20 years? Free the people free the people, let THEM be the pioneers.
A sexual liberation anthem for people that have been told that they "need-a-man" to be complete.
This ones for all the crazy party girls who are woke ass bitches. We fucking love you. #pussypower #twurkforthenation #wokeassbitch Video Edited by: Tyler Sanders For more of his work please visit Music Produced by: Groovebox Comedy Special Thanks to all of the wonderful people that made this video happen!
A live performance of us performing 'Mouf' off of our debut album 'Twurk for the Nation' at the dojo in Chicago. DJ: Bonita Appleblunt Beat Production: Rikkie Produced by: Alex Palma Additional Camera by: Joey Delisi